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5/4 Redevoux, Juneau, Alaska
5/5 Rockwell, Juneau, Alaska
5/5 McGivneys Juneau, Alaska
5/7 Alaskan Hotel, Juneau
5/8 Alaskan Hotel, Juneau
5/9 Alaskan Hotel, Juneau
5/10 Alaskan Hotel, Juneau
5/11 Alaskan Hotel, Juneau
5/15 Crown Plaza, Chicago
5/17 Renaissance, Chicago
5/19 Port Clinton Yacht Club, Ohio
5/20 Mill Street brewery, Alleghan, Mi.
5/21 Bay City Brewery, Mi.
5/25 Port Clinton, Ohio
5/26 Reggies, Chicago
5/27 Lemon Creek Winery, Baroda, Mi.
5/27 Sister Lakes Brewery, Mi. (8 pm)
5/28 Lemon Creek Winery, Baroda, Mi.
5/29 Round Barn, Baroda, Mi.


Well we just finished a big tour of Alaska gigs and scenery were great! Lots of Bears and Vistas!!
The summer looks great with tours of the Seattle area in June, Montana extravaganza in July
and a Headline show at Roots and Blues festival in Salmon Arm, British Columbia in august.
Locally catch a show at some great wineries and brew pubs!!
Meanwhile see you on the coast in Chicago or on the stream.



Keith Scott ,celebrated blues musician,
personality has been at his craft for the last 30 years,
Originally from White Plains ,N.Y.,
he made it to college in Gainesville,Fla
where he met Muddy waters and Bo Diddley ,
With the inspiration of his music heroes he proceeded to
relocate to Chicago to pursue his musical journey,
While hanging on the scene at the
checkerboard lounge and Teresa's Keith met and jammed
with blues legends such as Buddy guy,Junior wells,
James Cotton and Little Milton , it wasn't long before he
began touring with the Jimmy Dawkins blues band performing
throughout much of the world, in Chicago Robert Plant
attended one of the shows completing his musical dreams!!
Keith currently tours,records and performs his own
brand of blues inspired music at clubs including house of blues,
hard rock cafe and festivals throughout the US and Canada.

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